Nahua curers invoke the Catholic saints, 1629

English Translation
Here I shall look in the book

Who hates him [i.e. the sick patient]?

Who has made himself angry?

Perhaps a saint?

Please come forth

Nine pounded [i.e. tobacco]

Nine crushed

Who are you who make yourself angry?

Perhaps Our Precious Mother [i.e. the Virgin Mary]?

Perhaps Saint Gaspar?

Perhaps Saint John?

Who makes himself angry?

Perhaps the Masters of the Water,

The angels of God? [marginal note reads: thus they do call the clouds]

Perhaps it is the Inhabitants of the Wilds

Into whose hands he has fallen?

Or is it One Rabbit with head upraised [i.e. the earth]?

Or is it our father,

Our mother,

Four reeds swirling [i.e. the fire]?

Nahuatl Original
Nican nitlachiaz inamoxco

aquin on in quitlauelia

aquin moqualanaltia

ahço santo

tla xihualhuia



ac tehuatl y timoqualanaltia

ahço totlaçonantzin

ahço san gaspartzin

ahço san juantzin

ac moqualanaltia

aço ahuaque

Dios iangelotzitzihuan

àço ohuican chaneque

inmac ohuetz

ànoço ce tochtli aquetztimani

ànoço nota

no nonan

nahui acatl milintica

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