Collections and Exhibitions

Instituto Latinoamericano de Museos (Latin American Institute of Museums)
Links to home pages of Latin American museums (art, archaeology, history, and natural history) organized by country. Primarily Spanish.


ICOM: Virtual Library Museum Pages: Museums in Latin America
Index of links to Latin American museums (art, archaeology, history, and natural history) organized by country. Home page is bilingual Spanish and English; most of the links are in Spanish.


Cultural Readings: Colonization and Print in the Americas/Penn Library Exhibitions
Overview of University of Pennsylvania’s exhibition on the collections of the Jay I. Kislak Foundation and the Rosenbach Museum and Library. Includes dozens of images from the exhibition (in thumbnail-expandable format) as well as commentary on the exhibition and associated lectures. In English.


Museum of Spanish Colonial Art
General information page for the Santa Fe museum, including brief discussions of media and production techniques accompanied by small images. In English.


Mexico: From Empire to Revolution
Overview of two Getty exhibitions of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Mexican photography. High-quality scans of 75 photographs, accompanied by historical information. Focus is largely post-colonial. Bilingual Spanish and English.


History and Art History Resources

Sources and General Resources on Latin America
Extensive index of links to Latin America-related databases and informational sites, as well as to bibliographic information. Home page is in English; links may be either English or Spanish.


Advanced Research in Latin American Studies
Index of links to dozens of sites in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Includes links to microfilm, manuscript, newspaper, and periodical collections from national archives, libraries, and government sites. Mainly English.


E-Journal: UNAM
An electronic library with full-text access to selected journals published by Universidad Nacional Autonóma de México. Journals of particular interest includeEstudios de Cultural Nahuatl and Estudios de Historia. In Spanish.


Anales del Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas
Current and previous issues of this journal online. Full text and image available for essays on visual culture of the viceregal period, particularly the art and architecture of New Spain. In Spanish.


LANIC: Latin American Network Information Center
Index of links regarding a variety of topics within Latin America. See especially the categories of Libraries, Social Sciences, and Society and Culture. LANIC itself is in English, but many of the links are in Spanish.


Arts and History: Virtual Forum of Mexican Culture
Index of links regarding various aspects of Mexican culture and history, including archives, archaeological sites, timelines, and brief articles on topics ranging from textiles to the Mexican Revolution. Mainly Spanish.


CLASE: Citas Latinomericanas en Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
Searchable index of 1300 journals from Latin America and the Caribbean, based at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Index includes links to full-text articles. In Spanish and English.


Primary Documents, Archives and Libraries


Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Project at Dartmouth
Contains the complete works and chronology of the life of the “Poet Nun” Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, as well as a digital reconstruction of the first (non-textual) pages of Fama, y obras posthumas (1700). The site is in English, her works in the original Spanish.


Colonial Latin America
Extensive collection of documents and images from the colonial period, navigable by period, creator/author, and media (object, sound, text). Also includes a timeline of significant events up to 1825. In English.


Archivo General de Indias, Seville, Spain
Main repository for Spanish government documents pertaining to, and produced in, Spanish America. Virtual exhibitions of images from AGI collections, information on the holdings and history of the archive, a link to Archivos Españoles en Red, which allows registered users (registration forms are on-line) to remotely access scans of archival documents in the AGI. In Spanish.


John Carter Brown Library
One of major US collections of documents from the colonial Americas. Site includes a catalog of the JCB Library holding, and an under-construction, searchable collection of 5000 documents in “The Archive of Early American Images.” In English.


Library of Congress: Hispanic Reading Room
Catalogue of collections of the Hispanic Reading Room, a series of online exhibitions on colonial Latin America, and links to other Library of Congress resources, including “The Handbook of Latin American Studies” and “Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier: Historias Paralelas.” In English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


UNESCO Archives Portal for National Archives in Latin America
UNESCO’s portal to the web sites of national archives from 17 Latin American countries. In English.


Benson Latin American Collection, University of Texas Austin
A major US collection of documents about Latin America, both pre- and post-Independence, with emphasis on Mexico. Includes links to online databases on Latin American scholarship and Benson collections. In English.




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