Project Development and Support

Vistas has been created with the support of Smith College and Fordham University, both not-for-profit, educational institutions. The primary funding comes from the National Endowment for the Humanities in Washington, D.C.; the Argosy Foundation of San Francisco, California has given additional financial support.Vistas was first envisioned by Dr. Dana Leibsohn and Dr. Barbara E. Mundy. Its creation has been a collaborative work with designers and programmers, and has befitted from the advice of a number of leading scholars on colonial Spanish America, both in the United States and in Latin America.
Academic Consultants and Advisors
Dr. Ellen Baird, University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois
Dr. Elizabeth Hill Boone, Tulane University, Louisiana
Dr. Douglas Cope, Brown University, Rhode Island
Dr. Thomas B.F. Cummins, Harvard University, Massachusetts
Dr. Carolyn S. Dean, University of California, Santa Cruz, California
Ms. Rosa Dopazo Durán, Independent scholar, Mexico City, Mexico
Dr. Diana Fane, Brooklyn Museum, New York
Dr. Pedro Gjurinovic Canevaro, Ex-director, Museo de Arte Colonial Pedro de Osma, Lima, Peru
Dr. Marina Kaplan, Smith College, Massachusetts
Dr. Cecelia F. Klein, University of California, Los Angeles, California
Ms. Mónica Martí Cotarelo, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Mexico
Dr. Ronald Méndez-Clark, Fordham University, New York
Dr. Kenneth Mills, University of Toronto
Dr. S. Elizabeth Penry, Fordham University, New York
Dr. Jeanette Peterson, University of California, Santa Barbara, California
Dr. Matthew Restall, Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania
Dr. Michael Schreffler, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia
Dra. Teresa Villegas de Aneiva, Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz, Bolivia
Dr. Ann Zulawski, Smith College, Massachusetts
VIstas Development
Project Manager
Byron Hamann, Ohio State University

Technological Support:
Daniel Bridgman, Robert Davis, Michelle de Farra, Jolene de Verges, Michael Ester, Richard M. Fish, and Elisa Lanzi

Website design and programming:
Eden Chieu Nguyen, Minimum Means; Landry Ndremihaja; Chris Casey

Project Assistants:
Gavi Levy Haskell, Zenobia Wingate


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