A Maya woman divides her possessions, 1766

English Translation
Pasquala Matu died on 25 of August of 1766.

In the name of God the father and God the son and God the holy spirit three persons one God almighty. It will be seen, the document of my final statement in my testament, inasmuch as I who am Pasquala Matu, the daughter of Luisa Coba, resident here in the cah governed by our lord the blessed St. Barnabus of Ixil. Although I am dying, content is my heart and my understanding is that nobody shall redeem themselves from death. Likewise, I wish my body buried in the home of the holy church. Likewise, I also now supplicate our blessed lord the Padre Curate that he say one mass for my soul, and that he send up for me a prayer in the mass empowered to protect my soul before our Lord in God in the suffering of souls in purgatory. Likewise the mass fee will be given. Likewise, I am declaring the items of cloth that are mine. Likewise, five shirts and five pairs of trousers and four belts and two lengths of cloth for my husband, Sebastian Yam; nobody is to take from him. Likewise, one shirt and one pair of trousers for my child, Manuel Yam. Likewise, one shirt and one pair of trousers for Roque Yam. Likewise, one shirt and one pair of trousers also for Domingo Yam. [deleted: one shirt and trousers]
Likewise, three shirts and three pairs of trousers for my child, Juan Yam. Likewise, two dresses and two petticoats and one shawl, and one pair of threaded coral necklaces for Maria Yam. Likewise, one petticoat and one dress and one shawl and also one pair of threaded coral necklaces, for Rosa Yam. Likewise, one petticoat for my daughter-in-law, Cristina Coba. Likewise, one petticoat for my daughter-in-law, Monica Coba. Likewise, one dress for my daughter-in-law Pasquala Itza. Likewise, one dress for my daughter-in-law, Petrona Couoh. Likewise, here is my jointly-inherited well and house-plot, which is in the will of my father, Juan Bautista Matu; two wells go with the house-plot there. Now then my joint-inheritance – with my elder brothers Josef Matu and Marcos Matu – I leave in your hands, my boys, Manuel Yam and Roque Yam and Domingo Yam and Juan Yam and Juan Yam and my girl, Maria Yam, all of them together. This is the truth. I appoint two noblemen as executors, Josef Mis and Don Andres Pech, lieutenant; they shall take care to request a mass for my soul. Before the batab and magistrates here:
Captain Don Ignacio Tec, batab;
Before me, Pablo Tec, notary;
Josef Pech, Diego May, alcaldes;
Antonio Tec, Francisco Canul, Antonio Pech, Pedro Canul, regidors;
[different hand:] I sang this mass and signed, fray Hoyos.

Maya Original
pasguala matu- cimi en 25 de Agosto de 1766

añ – tu kaba D.s yumbil y D.s mehenbil y D.s esspiritu santo oxtur personasob lae huntulil D.s uchuc tumen tusinil maix pimobi lay bin ylabac u hunil yn takyah than tin testamento hibicil tenil cen pasq.la matu u yalen luissa coba ah cahalnalen uay tu mektan cahil ca yumilan ah bolon pixan Sabernaber Yxil lae Bacacix cimil in cah lae tohuol tin pucsikal y tin nat lae ma mac bin u loh uba ti cimil lae – Bay xan uolah mucul yn cucutil ych Yotoch Santa Yglesia lae. Bay xan lic ix uoktic ynba ti ca pixanil yum padre cura. ca u Yalab hunpe? missa utial Yn pixan y ca u ma sen tu payalchi Ychil u missa uchebal U yantabal Yn pixan tu tan ca yumil ti d.s tu num Yayl animas purgatorio Bay xan bin ?a bac u limosNayl misa – oxpel tostones y capel tumin Jelusalem lae == Bay xan pat can Yn cahi ti hebal yan tene ---------------
Bay xan hopel camissa y hopel ex y canpay kaxnak y capel pani lloyl lae – utial Yn uicham Sebas.n Yam mamacbin luksic ti lae – Bay = xan humpel camissa y humpel ex utial yn ual man.l yamBay xan hunpel ex utial Rogue Yam – Bay xan Domingo Yam hunpel camissa y ex utial xan = hunpel camissa y hunpel ex Bay xan oxpel camissa y oxpel ex utial Yn ual Juo yam = Bay xan capel Ypil y capel pic y hunpel boch – y hunpay u calot u hulul cola res utial maria Yam = Bay xan hunpel pic el pic y hunpel ypil y
hunpel boch – y hunpay u calot u hulul colares xan utial Rosasa yam Bay xan hunpel pic utial Yn uilib christina coba = bay xan hunpel pic utial Yn uilib monica coba – bay xan hunpel ypil utial yn uilib pasgla ytza – Bay xan hunpel ypil utial yn uilib pet.na couoh
Bay xan heix Yn mul matan chen y solal lae yan ychil u testamento Yn Yum Juo bauta matu lae capel chen y u solalil u pachob lae Bay bic Yn mul matan y yn sucunob lae – Jph matu – y marcos = matu – cin patic tun tu kab Yn ualob xibalob lae Man. 1 Yam y
Rogue Yam – y Domingo Yam – y Juo Yam – y JuoYam – y Yn chupul al maria Yam – u multialob lae – halilibe cin uacuntic catul al mehen albasiasob lae – Jph mis – y Dn An.z pech thene lay bin tan oltic u katicob missa yokol Yn pixan tu tan batab y Ju.as lae

Jph pech ade Cap.nD.nYg.o tec Antto tec –
Diego may a de Batab franco canul –
tin tan pablo tec essno Antto pech –
pedro canul Regiosob lae
[different hand/letra differente:] Cantose esta missa y lo firme
fr Hoyos


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