The town council of Tlaxcala takes office, New Spain, 1627

English Translation
In the renowned, very noble and very loyal city of Tlaxcala on the first day of January of the year 1627 there assembled all the Tlaxcalan noblemen and lords in the presence of the lords don Gregorio Nacianceno, judge-governor, and the alcaldes ordinarios and the provincial alcaldes for His Majesty. There were appointed and chosen the four alcaldes ordinarios here in the city. [...]

The judge-governor and alcaldes so confirmed it and signed; the cabecera rulers also signed.

Don Gregorio Nacianceno. Lorenzo de Valencia. Don Luis Pimentel Maxixcatzin. Juan del Castillo. Don Diego de Mendoza. José Muñoz. Juan Bautista de San Lázaro. Don Diego Ceynos.

Before me, Sebastián Serrano, notary of the cabildo.

Then on the same day, month, and year mentioned above, the lord lieutenant governor, Miguel de Solís y Valdés, and the notary and interpreter, came here to the cabildo and administered the oath to the new alcaldes, regidores, and chief constable. Then each one separately accepted the oath by placing the holy cross in the palm of his right hand and kissing it. They were told, "In the name of God and St. Mary and the sign of the cross which you kissed you will very justly serve the city of Tlaxcala. [You] will do everything mentioned. If you do it, God will aid you; if not, he will punish you." All answered and said, "We accept the oath; so we will do it." Then they took up their staffs. The lieutenant signed, as well as the notary and the interpreter.

Nahuatl Original
En la insigne, muy noble y muy leal ciudad de Tlaxcalla, cemilhuitl de enero de mil y seiscientos y veinte y siete años, ihcuac mocentlalihqueh in mochintin tlaxcalteca pipiltin, tetecuhtin, imixpan señores don Gregorio Nazianjeno, juez gobernador, ihuan alcaldes hordi, ihuan provincia alcaldes por su majestad, ixquetzalohqueh, pehpenalohqueh i nahui alcaldes hordi i nican ciudad. [...]

In ihuantzitzin juez gobernador alcaldes yuh quineltilihqueh ihuan mofirmatihqueh ihuan cahueceras mofirmatihqueh.

Don Gregorio Naziazeno, Lorenzo de Valencia, don Luis Pimentel maxixcatzin, Juan del Casdillo, don Diego de Mendoza, Juseph Munos, Juan Bautista de sa Lazaro, don Diego Zaynos.

Nixpan Sebastián Serrano, escribano de Cabildo.

Niman ihcuac in ilhuitl meztli xihuitl tlacpac omoteneuh/ in yehuatzin señor Miguel de Solis y Valdes teniente de gobernador/ ihuan escribano nahuatlahto hualmohuicaque nican cabildo ihuan quimmomaquili juramento in alcaldes ihuan regidores, alguacil mayor yancuique, niman cehcenyaca quicelihqueh juramento ica inyeccanmacpal, ipan quimanque santa cruz, contennamihqueh, ilhuilohqueh ipaltzinco Dios ihuan Santa Maria, ihuan imachio cruz, anquitenamihqueh huel melahuac ic anquipalehuizque in altepetl Tlaxcalla. In ixquich omoteneuh an quichihuazque/ intla yuh anquichihuaz que Dios amechmopalehuiliz intlacahmo no yehuatzin amechmotlatzacuiltiliz in nochintin tlananquilihqueh, quihtohqueh ticcelia juramento, yuh ticchihuazqueh. Niman conanqueh in intopil in yehuatzin teniente mofirmate ihuan escribano nahuatlahto.

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