Moteuczoma cedes his throne to the Spanish, 1519

English Translation
Thus he besought him: he said to him: "O our lord, thou has suffered fatigue, thou hast endured weariness. Thou has come to arrive on earth. Thou hast come to govern thy city of Mexico; thou has come to descend up on thy mat, upon thy seat, which for a moment I have watched for thee, which I have guarded for thee. For thy governors are departed--the rulers Itzcoatl, Moteuczoma the Elder, Axayacatl, Tizoc, Auitzotl, who yet a very short time ago had come to stand guard for thee, who had come to govern the city of Mexico. Under their protection thy common folk came. Do they yet perchance know it in their absence? O that one of them might witness, might marvel at what to me now hath befallen, at what I see quite in the absence of our lords. I by no means merely dream, I do not merely see in a dream, I do not see in my sleep; I do not merely dream that I see thee, that I look into thy face. I have been afflicted for some time. I have gazed at the unknown place whence thou hast come--from among the clouds, from among the mists. And so this. The rulers departed maintaining that thou wouldst come to visit thy city, that thou wouldst come to descend upon thy mat, upon thy seat. And now it hath been fulfilled; thou hast come; thou hast endured fatigue, thou hast endured weariness. Peace be with thee. Rest thyself. Visit thy palace. Rest thy body. May peace be with our lords."    

Nahuatl Original
...injc contlatlauhti, qujhuj. Totecujoe oticmjhiovilti, oticmociavilti, otlaltitech tommaxitico, oitech tommopachiviltico in Matzin, in motepetzin mexico, oipan tommovetzitico in mopetlatzin, in mocpaltzin, in oachitzinca njmjtzõnopielili, in onjmjtzonnotlapielili, ca oiaque in motcchiuhcaoan in tlatoque; in Jtzcoatzin, in veve Motecuçoma, in Axaiaca, in Tiçocic, in Avitzotl, in oc uel achic mjtzommotlapielilico, in oqujpachoco in atl, in tepetl in Mexico: in incujtlapan, inteptuzco in ovalietia in momaceoaltzin, cujx oc vallamati in jmonjca, in inteputzco, ma ceme iehoantin qujtztianj qujmaviçotianj, in nehoatl in axcan nopan omochiuh in ie njqujtta, in ça imonjca, inteputzco totecujovan camo çan njtemjquj, amo çan njcochitleoa, amo çan njccochitta, amo çan njctemjquj ca ie onjmjtznottili, mjxtzinco onjtlachix, ca ononnentlamatticatca in ie macujl in ie matlac, in vmpa nonjtztica, in quenamjcan in otimoqujxtico in mjxtitlan in aiauhtitlan: anca iehoatl inin qujteneuhtivi in tlatoq˜ in ticmomachitiqujuh in matzin, in motepetzin: in jpã timovetzitiqujuh in mopetlatzin, in mocpaltzin in tioalmovicaz. Auh in axcan ca oneltic, otioalmovicac, oticmjhiovilti, oticmociavilti, ma tlaltitech ximaxiti, ma ximocevitzino, ma xoconmomachiti in motecpancaltzin, ma xicmocevili in monacaiotzin, ma tlaltitech maxitican in totecujovan.    

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