16th Century

> Christopher Columbus’s chaplain encounters the zemis of the Taíno, ca. 1496

> Moteuczoma cedes his throne to the Spanish, 1519

> The conquistador Hernán Cortés marvels at the Aztec capital, 1520

> La Malinche is reunited with her family, 1523

> The Sacred Landscape of the Inka, Cuzco, 16th century

> Bartolomé de las Casas protests the seizing of idols, 16th century

> A Nahuatl account of the pre-Hispanic events at Chicomoztoc, ca. 1550

> Diego de Landa discovers the architecture of the Maya, 1566

> The arts and rituals of Nahua featherworkers, past and present, ca. 1570

> Native merchants pay their taxes in Coyoacan, Mexico, ca. 1570

> King Phillip II dictates the layout of new towns, 1573

> Viceroy Toledo orders that designs on keros be destroyed, 1574

> Smelting silver in the New World, ca. 1586

> Regulations for the sculptors’ guild of Mexico City, 1589

> José de Acosta praises the textiles of the Andes, 1590

> Should Indians be allowed to wear silk ? Quito, 1593

> Santo Domingo is sacked by Sir Francis Drake, 1598


17th Century

> The Inca kings celebrate the Spanish king’s marriage in Potosí, 1600

> Last will and testament of don Juan Duchisela, a cacique from Yaruquíes, Ecuador, 1605

> A primordial flood covers the Andes, ca. 1608

> Garcilaso de la Vega remembers the Inka way of dressing, 1609

> The marriage of the heiress to the Inka throne, 17th century

> Prohibitions on blacks and mulattos in New Spain, 1612

> The Jesuits plan a new town for the Guaraní in Paraguay’s Amazon, 1613

> How indigenous masons learned to create vaults, 1615

> The king considers whether Havana’s black women should be forced to dance, 1623

> The town council of Tlaxcala takes office, New Spain, 1627

> Nahua curers invoke the Catholic saints, 1629

> Antonio Ruiz de Montoya’s description of a Guaraní ancestral shrine in Paraguay, 1639

> An Amerindian woman makes her will in Santiago, Chile, 1646

> Black slaves and white owners in Guatemala, 1648

> A Catholic priest rebuts Quechua beliefs, 1649

> Encomenderos in Cuzco petition the king after the great earthquake of 1650

> An archbishop cracks down on the dress of Hieronymite nuns, 1673

> Melchor Pérez Holguín takes on an assistant in Potosí, 1678

> A play from the Tenth Muse of New Spain, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, ca. 1680

> Nican Mopohua: The Virgin Mary appears to Juan Diego in Mexico City, ca. 1695

> Letter of Fray Francisco Corbera on the eve of a Pueblo Indian uprising, 1696


18th Century

> Childhood virtues of St. Rose of Lima, 1711

> The Viceroy is inaugurated in Lima, 1736

> The interior of a church in Lima, ca. 1740

> Chinese goods are to be properly taxed, 1746

> Antonio de Ulloa’s account of the clothing of worn in Quito, Ecuador, 1746

> The marquesa remakes her gift in Potosí, 1749

> A monastic garden in Puebla, ca. 1760

> A Guayaquil native pokes fun of Quiteño piety, ca. 1760

> A nun dreams of a house of horrors, Quito, ca. 1760

> A Maya woman divides her possessions, 1766

> The Viceroy of Peru sends casta paintings to Spain, 1770

> The wife of the rebel Tupac Amaru II is executed in Cuzco, 1781

> Pictures in Count Xala’s Mexico City mansion, 1784

> León y Gama interprets a statue of the Aztec Coatlicue, 1792


19th Century

> Why is there no worthy ancient sculpture in Oaxaca? 1806

> A night watchman’s account of a riotous tavern in Lima, 1822


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