How to use the Gallery

Vistas includes a Gallery of high resolution images, all of them fully annotated. For first time users, the instructions on this page will help you access the annotations.

Or click here to experience the Gallery powered by LUNA 

All the images in the gallery are annotated, in addition to the themes. So when you enter the gallery and choose an image you will see a green box in the upper left, this is the icon for the annotations.

If you click on the green box, then the stickies—the signs of the annotations– will be visible: Clicking on any of the stickies will open up each annotation.

These stickies/annotations are coded in the following way:

Red (upper left): Introduction

Turquoise (across the image): iconography

Yellow (lower left): Patronage/artist

Magenta (lower left): Material/technique

Green (lower left): Context/Collection History

Blue (lower left): Cultural Interpretation

Light blue (lower right): Bibliography

If you click on an open sticky, it will close it.

To get the most out of LUNA, click here for the user guide.